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Our Focus is You. Since 1957, our goal at Erickson Ambulance has been to provide each patient with the expert care and dependable service they deserve. Managed by a team with significant experience in the ambulance and healthcare fields, Erickson has established itself as a premier medical transportation ambulance service in the Racine area. We aim to provide first-rate service to all patients under our care and uphold our values by delivering expert medical assistance with compassion in every case. Driven by our highly-trained and considerate staff, we strive to provide exceptional service that leads to positive outcomes for our patients.

We strive to offer exceptional care to our patients in everything we do. We utilize our experienced, highly-trained staff, and our commitment to offering compassionate care so that we are able to satisfy the needs of our clients fully. We have stations located in key areas throughout the Racine area so that you can depend on us to reach you quickly whenever you need us. Whether you are in need of emergency, non-emergency, dialysis, or bariatric transport, or a special events ambulance; we always aim to go above and beyond your expectations.

We dedicate ourselves to the satisfaction of our clients and pledge ourselves to this belief each day. Our company values compassion, integrity, and professionalism and we strive to encourage these traits in all our employees. That’s why we cultivate our staff’s strengths by focusing on training, education and career development. Our staff is carefully selected and undergo stringent background reference checks so that we can be sure that all of our employees are well-qualified and share our commitment to these company values. These compassionate employees are the heart of Erickson Ambulance. We make sure to hire the most well-qualified individuals so that you will have an exceptional customer experience every time you choose Erickson.

At Erickson Ambulance, we are also fully dedicated to the communities we serve. We are engaged in the community and give back through our volunteer efforts, donations and outreach. We pledge ourselves to our company ideals of compassion and integrity, which are reflected in our staff and leads to overall superior customer satisfaction.

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