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What Information do I need to provide the Erickson dispatcher when I call?

How does Erickson determine what type of transportation I need?

In an emergency, can Erickson transport me to the hospital of my choice or do I have to be transported to the nearest hospital?

How is non-emergency versus emergency transport determined?

What's the difference between Basic and Advanced Life Support?

How far in advance do I need to request my services?

What non-emergency scheduled transportation (such as to clinics, regular treatments, etc.) will Medicare pay for?

What does 'medically necessary' mean for ambulance transport?

Erickson Ambulance transported me to the hospital. Can I request Erickson transport me back home?

I'm a dialysis patient; can you provide ongoing ambulance and other transportation?

How much do services cost?

What do I pay? (Medicare Patients)

What do I pay? (Insurance Patients)

What does Medicare pay?

Do I need authorization from my insurer for my transportation?

Am I locked into a contract?

What forms will I or a relative have to sign to ensure Medicare and/or my insurance carrier will process my claim before being transported?

Does my insurance cover non-emergency services?

Will I have to provide other documentation, such as identification or an insurance card?

If I have Aetna Better Health Insurance or BadgerCare Plus, (Medicaid), what do I need to do before getting an ambulance transport?

What if I don't have any coverage?

How do I obtain a copy of my medical records?

How do I know if Medicare didn't pay for my ambulance service?

What is Medical Power of Attorney?

What is do-not-resuscitate order?


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