Emergency Medical Transportation

Erickson’s EMS professionals are always prepared and ready to transport patients in the event of an emergency. Erickson’s ambulances are prepared to administer care at any time to ensure patients receive appropriate care in time-sensitive emergency situations. Our team of paramedics and EMTs have the skills and training required to successfully care for patients and communicate with on-scene personnel and emergency room physicians in order to assure the patients are properly cared for and efficiently transported to the most suitable healthcare facility.

Erickson’s emergency service offerings include:

• Constant communication among Erickson’s dispatchers, crews, and emergency room physicians.
• GPS tracking of all ambulances.
• Advanced equipment that improves cardiac arrest survival rates and overall patient outcomes.

Erickson has multiple ambulance stations located in strategic areas, based on call volume analysis, throughout the Racine area to ensure we are ready to provide high-quality service to our patients promptly and efficiently.

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Erickson Ambulance offers a number of ways to serve hospitals, healthcare systems, nursing facilities, and other healthcare providers.


For patients treated for kidney failure, we know that prompt, well-scheduled dialysis transportation is crucial for their well-being and quality of life.

Erickson Ambulance is equipped to offer medical services for different types of special events in the Racine area.
Erickson AmbulanceEmergency Medical Transportation